Hackland - A hakerspace in Auckland

A nest of tech, art, creativity and freedom. Hackland is a makerspace/hakerspace/public workshop situated in Kingsland Auckland.


Hackland is an independent, not for profit Hackspace in central Auckland for Ukelele, Coffee, Ethereum, Bitcoin, 3D Printing, CNC, Woodworking, Metalworking, Electronics, Coding, Sewing, Arts and Crafts or just hanging out with creative people.

Guiding Principles

Change and Experimentation is welcome, even if you're not an expert or not sure where something is going. Everything in the space is hackable unless it has a "Do Not Hack" sticker on it. If it looks expensive or hacking it would take longer than 6 hours to put back, please check with the group or post on the Slack channel or Loomio before taking it to bits.

Big Changes & Group Consensus: if a change is big, talk about it with as many people as possible in person, then ask on slack and post a Loomio proposal to see how the wider-group feels about it. The aim is always to reach a compromise everyone is okay with, but one which is best for the entire group, not one individual.

Safety: there are dangerous tools and equipment in the space. Please have someone show you how to safely use any tool you are unfamilar with before turning them on. Always use the correct safety equipment and always warn other memberes in the space before making loud noises.



Current Equipment

6 Axis Robot Arm

Being developed to make joinery with various woodworking tools

2.4 x 1.2m CNC - Mechmate

Can cut full sized 2400x1200mm sheet materials, foams and other materials

Fully dust extracted. Induction required to use!

Courses running fortnightly for use (open to public) - register: http://meetu.ps/e/FbzCh/BPsl2/f


Wood Drill Mill

Milling and Drilling machine for woodshop

3D Printer - Prusa i3 mk3

Print small objects in PET Plastic or ceramic clay

3D Delta PET/Ceramic Printer

Print small objects in PET Plastic or ceramic clay

Laser Cutter/Engraver -

Cut and engrave plastics, wood and other materials with laser

Ethereum miner

Provides warmth and runs a Ethereum Cryptocurrency node

Drilling and Milling Machine - ZK32G

Can be used to make precise parts from light metals and plastics


Can be used to make symetrical parts from light metals and plastics

Circular (skill) saw

2hp Router

1/4 hp Palm Router

Belt Sander

Orbital Sander



Tig Welding Plant

Electrode Welding Plant


Hand Tools

Sewing Machine


More to come...


Members can use the space whenever they want, 24 hours every day of the week

The hackspace is regularly open to the public whenever a member is in to open up, and weekly on Thursday from 6pm - this is the busiest time and the best for new people visiting

Membership costs $15 a week but please pay as much as you feel is fair so the space can survive. Casual day use is by Koha or coffee buying - please check Twitter to see if the space is open

Membership includes full access to everything 24/7* including:

UNLIMITED Fibre Internet (unlimited other internet until fibre is installed)

Woodworking tools

Storage for projects

Soldering & Electronics

Quiet places to work (sometimes quiet)

All of the tea / coffee

*plz no powertools/noisey things after 10pm



Hackland Incorporated
Unit B, 48 Bond Street
Kingsland, Auckland, 1021
P: +64 (0204) 404-004

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